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Karen's Pet Grooming & Boarding

309 Republic Ave. Joliet, IL 60435

(815) 730-6811 ~ List of Services

Before we can groom, board, or have in our daycare any animal, there are vaccinations that are required: Rabies, distemper & bordetella (kennel cough). For more information, feel free to call!

***All prices are subject to change without notice. We will make every effort to update this list in a timely manor. If you have any questions on this price list, please call to confirm any price listed. This list in no way represents our limitations to service your pet. All special requests are considered and we will make every attempt to accomodate all you and your pet's wants and needs.***

  • Basic Bath Services:
  • Basic Bath Small Breed Start at $15.00
    Basic Bath Medium to Extra Large Breeds Start at $25.00
    Lavish Spa Packages (details below) Additional $6.00 per package

  • Basic Grooming Services:
  • Basic Grooming Package & De-Shedding Please call for quote, prices vary by breed, cut, and needs of your pet. Starting at $32.00 and up
    Lavish Spa Packages (details below) Additional $6.00 per package

  • Additional Treatments:
  • Flea Shampoo: Highly effective shampoo contains pyrethrins to eliminate fleas, ticks, lice etc. Additional $6.00
    Flea Dip: Highly effective dip contains parathyroid permethrins that eliminate & repel fleas & ticks for 7 days after. Recommended for high infestations. Additional $10.00
    Skunk Treatment: Highly effective AROMATIC shampoo treatment followed by our skunk-off application. Additional $6.00
    Hot Oil Treatment: Luxurious Hot Oil treatments will add luster back into dry, dull coats. Applied after an Oatmeal skin treatment. Extremely soothing treatment to your pet, their skin and coat. Additional $10.00
    Pet Pedicure: Nail trims: Nails are safely trimmed & filed with nail drummel. Small Pet: Additional $5.00
    Pet Pedicure: Nail trims: Nails are safely trimmed & filed with nail drummel. Medium Pet: Additional $8.00
    Pet Pedicure: Nail trims: Nails are safely trimmed & filed with nail drummel. Large Pet: Additional $10.00
    Soft Claws: Nail Caps are a soft plastic nail covering that is applied to your petís nails. This is highly effective to prevent scratching of furniture, floors and other surfaces. Advanced notice to make sure your pet is properly fitted. The application usually lasts approximately 6-8 weeks. Customized colors available: natural clear, black, blue, pink, purple, and red. Additional $18.00
    Oral Hygiene: Pet's teeth are brushed & rinsed, followed by an additional oral hygiene rinse. All pets inspected for tooth decay, tartar, broken teeth & inflamed gums. Additional $5.00
    ~ We can refer any client to our recommended Veterinarian for full dental inspection & diagnosis. ~

  • Spa Treatments:
  • REMEDY SPA PACKAGE: Relieves skin irritations, neutralizes odors, repels insects. Pesticide free shampoo contains an herbal blend, including citronella, pennyroyal, & eucalyptus, great scent repels pesky insects. This treatment is safe for puppies & kittens. Additional $6.00
    RENEW SPA PACKAGE: Unique tearless, hydrating, hypo-allergic shampoo treatment revitalizes hair & skin, leaving your pet feeling refreshed and their coat soft & manageable. Additional $6.00
    NUTURE SPA PACKAGE: Oatmeal skin treatment, rich-lathering shampoo soothes dry, irritated, sensitive skin, restores moisture, luster - perfect for any pets with allergies or sensitive skin, very mild formula, can be followed up with a hot oil treatment for extremely dried out coats. Additional $6.00
    RELIEVE SPA PACKAGE: Skin-soothing shampoo brings comfort to itchy, irritated skin. Healing and conditioning elements offer protection against hot spots, dermatitis & inflammation. Relaxing chamomile and Aloe Vera scent. Additional $6.00
    ENLIGHTEN SPA PACKAGE: Botanical blend naturally whitens & brightens light colored coats with optical brighteners. (Severe stains may require multiple treatments). Additional $6.00
    BLACK PEARL SPA PACKAGE: Formula enhances the shine & luster of dark coats. Contains black walnut & blackberry extracts to blend in natural color in dark coats. Additional $6.00

  • Other Services
  • DOGGIE DAYCARE: We offer a very fun daycare for the pet owner that canít attend to their pet during the day. All pets are socialized in one of our playrooms where they are put in groups of their own size & temperament categories. All pets are walked outside every 3 hours. GREAT for puppies or the average pet that is bored or just doesnít do well alone all day. Clients sign in & out at their leisure during our normal business hours. Early drop offís/ late pick-us can be arranged due to work schedules. Rabies, distemper & Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccines required to participate in daycare services. $10.00 A Day
    BOARDING: We also offer overnight boarding, all pets are in doggie daycare during the day & sleep in our newly re-modeled kennel area. We have kennel runs that are approx: 4x6, all pets get fresh linens at night. Smaller pets are kenneled in a quieter area in front area in crates that are 3x4. ANY client request can be considered. Complimentary bath included on petís departure day. Grooming can also be done while visiting (extra charge). Price Per Night
    BOARDING Dogs $18.00
    BOARDING Cats & Exotics $10.00